Research has conclusively proven that maximum learning happens during the early years of a child’s life where the mind is open to new ideas. It is essential to hone the intellectual, physical, emotional, linguistic, social and moral skills at this stage so that the child stands well equipped for the rest of his life. At Aksharaa we understand this and therefore make sure that we make no compromise when it comes to imparting quality education. We believe in the process of Learning by Doing and Learning by Inquiry– a child needs to ‘touch’, ‘explore’, ‘experiment’ and ‘enjoy’ to understand and learn about the world around him. We stimulate the child’s learning capabilities by providing opportunities for the child to grow and develop in all aspects.

Aksharaa curriculum is based on developmentally appropriate education that challenges and encourages but never pushes. The joyous environment, child-friendly equipment’s, enticing toys and scientifically designed games at Aksharaa helps the children to listen, discover, imagine and create.The emphasis at Aksharaa is on children realizing their inner potential and growing and learning at their own pace. They are encouraged to observe their environment and be aware of what is going on around them. Stress is laid on activities that promote language development,motivating the child to verbalize his/her thoughts, feelings and impressions of the world around him/her.

This method of learning encourages lateral thinking and builds confidence because the child is an active participant in the learning process. It promotes creativity and encourages the child to learn through trial and error and develop his own problem-solving skills. At Aksharaa, we provide and arrange for these experiences, but do not thrust solutions for these problems on the children. They are allowed to discover the answer themselves through experimentations and investigation. This method encourages and promotes child-centred learning as opposed to teacher-directed learning as is often the case. The love and warmth of the teachers, who understand that each child is unique, facilitate the urge of ‘self discovery’ in them.

International Footprints

Aksharaa crossed its national boundaries in the year 2008 and has made strong presence abroad to leverage its resources by offering academic services and programs to impact the early childhood education space in the emerging markets of Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri-Lanka, Singapore & Middle East.

Aksharaa envisages strengthening its global initiatives in the near future by achieving substantial reach with both the Pre-School and K-12 initiatives.

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