Proper development of health and mind is possible with active engagement in physical activities. EIS is one of the few schools in the country, which has a structured curriculum for sports. It includes in-class and out of class experiences. We offer a plethora of indoor and outdoor activities of the physical development of a child. In fact, extracurricular activities and co-curricular activities are merged in our curriculum and are conducted as per the plan within the subject areas. However, many sports and visual art and performing art activities are conducted in a weekly basis.

We believe that basic ECA and CCA develop into life saving and career building skills. The essence of this program is to:

    • Expose the child to varied sports facilitating his/her development of kinesthetic and spatial skills.
      • Identify the inherent capability of the student in a particular sport, provides specialized training in that are thereby enabling him/her to excel and represent the school at district, regional, national and global level competitions.

The activities conducted at EIS can be categorized as:
Lawn Tennis
Basket Ball
Horse Riding

In door sports
Holistic Yoga
Table Tennis

Performing Art
Music Vocal
Music Instrumental Dance

Visual Art
Drawing & Painting
Clay Modeling

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