Aksharaa Kindergarten at a Glance

At Aksharaa Kindergarten, we provide children with friendly environment to interact with the real world and helping them to develop emotional, social and cognitive skills required to become confident and successful learners. Through child-friendly environment, enticing toys and scientifically designed activities we help children to listen, imagine, discover, and create. Teachers and other stakeholders at […]

Aksharaa Spring Kids Camp 2018

In view of the school break, Aksharaa Kindergarten has organized the Spring Camp for children. It is always a concern of parents that children tend to get addicted to TV or Online games or other forms of gadgets. In addition to this, children may get injured or spend time in an unproductive enviornment. Specifically our […]

Open House

We are delighted to announce that Aksharaa Kindergarten, Jawalakhel, will be open for all interested parents for school visit until 23 rd March 2018. During this period, parents can familiarize themselves about the school’s infrastructure, philosophy and curriculum activities. This event will provide an opportune moment for enthusiastic parents to communicate with the teachers, other […]

Announcement of the Aksharaa Kindergarten website release:

We are pleased to announce the official website release of Aksharaa Kindergarten. All of the parents, prospective parents, well-wishers, and visitors will now get up-to- date information on all the activities and programs of Aksharaa Kindergarten, Jawalakhel, through our website. We believe that it will be a helpful medium to excess information about notices, events, […]

2nd Annual Sports Meet

Sports and physical activities are indispensible entities of the curriculum of EIS. Sport makes a person disciplined, poised and healthy. It not only improves body flexibility but also keeps the cardiovascular system healthy, muscular system toned and our whole body fit. Our balanced curriculum, thus, provides 40% weight-age to different ECA and CCA clubs where […]