Sports and physical activities are indispensible entities of the curriculum of EIS. Sport makes a person disciplined, poised and healthy. It not only improves body flexibility but also keeps the cardiovascular system healthy, muscular system toned and our whole body fit. Our balanced curriculum, thus, provides 40% weight-age to different ECA and CCA clubs where games and sports occupy a major portion.

This year also, EIS organized its 2nd Annual Sports Meet on 15th Poush (30th December) in the school premises. The entire students were divided into two groups Group A (grade 1&2) and Group B (grade 3,4&5) according to grade. All the students participated in various gaming events in a competitive mood. The programme started with house wise march pass led by the house captains. The entire students showcased a very well choreographed drill in the song Gangnam style…The programme ended with medal and certificate distribution ceremony. This year Opel House bagged the House trophy.
The presence and participation of the entire parents made this event a successful one.

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